Real World Use Cases of MongoDB

What is MongoDB

MongoDB is the Non-Relational Database or NoSQL database. It is an open-source document database that provides high availability, high performance and, auto-scaling.

In simple words, we can say it uses a dynamic schema that’s why it is known as a schema less database.

MongoDB uses JSON format( JavaScript Object Notation is a format to organized, and easy to access, data for the human) to store data in the database.

MongoDB storing data in document(similar one raw/record in SQL) format instead of storing data in tables of raw and column.

Why MongoDB developer’s first choice

If we don’t have a predefined schema and want to store data in this case RDBMS is not helpful so MongoDB is so popular for storing schema less data.

MongoDB is the first choice of those developers who want to develop internet and business application and want to evolve quickly and scale in a simple manner.

Who wants to develop scalable applications, Can use MongoDB because it built on a scale-out architecture that has become so popular with developers.

If you have the requirement to support and rapid iterative development of the application, can use MongoDB.

MongoDB advantages

Being a NoSQL (Non-Structured Query Language) database, one of MongoDB’s defining features is its schema-less or non-relational data structure.
This allows for a huge degree of versatility in storing various data types and accessing them on the fly.
Versatility is especially important nowadays with the commoditization of Big Data, which is generated from countless different sources and doesn’t
always fall into neat categories. We’ll explain what Big Data is and why it matters in the next section.

Related to horizontal scaling is MongoDB’s speed. Its workflow for submitting query keys is simpler than in SQL since it doesn’t require specifying a
schema — simply index the data point you’re looking for and MongoDB will retrieve it.
The lack of a set relational structure means that submitting a query requires far less processing power to search and retrieve than with a relational database.

3. Accessibility

MongoDB supports all major programming languages (Ruby, PHP, Java, etc.), and has numerous community-supported drivers for lesser-known programming languages as well.
It can be hosted by its own cloud service, MongoDB Atlas, and offers both a community-driven open source and a premium Enterprise Edition.
(Our GUI and IDE for MongoDB, Studio 3T, works with any of these deployments.

4. Flexibility

As you may have guessed, MongoDB’s non-relational horizontal scaling allows for a huge degree of operational flexibility.
This makes it a useful platform for experimenting with new, unconventional content models. It also makes it invaluable for those with changing content requirements, such as advertisers



Aadhar is an excellent example of real world use cases of MongoDB. In recent times, there has been some controversy revolving around CIA’s non-profit Venture Capital arm, In-Q-Tel,backing the company, which developed MongoDB. Putting aside the controversy, let’s look at the MongoDB’s role in Aadhar.

India’s Unique Identification project, aka Aadhar, is the world’s biggest biometrics database. Aadhar is in the process of capturing demographic and biometric data of over 1.2 billion residents. Aadhar has used MongoDB as one of its databases to store this huge amount of data. MongoDB was among several database products, apart from MySQL, Hadoop and HBase, originally procured for running the database search.

Here, MySQL is used for storing demographic data and MongoDB is used to store images. According to, MongoDB has nothing to do with the “sensitive” data.

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